Our Trip to Lincoln, Nebraska

{ Holmes Lake, Nebraska was a beautifully scenic location.}

Josh and I visited an old friend of his over the weekend. We went to…wait for it… Lincoln, Nebraska. I was actually looking forward to checking the city out. I enjoy going to new places, they don’t need to be popular or exceptionally exciting. I just enjoy exploring new places. Despite that, I was not surprised when anyone I told where I was going promptly responded with, “Why?” Ha. Come on, people, there’s a big world out there to explore!

We had a pretty low key weekend, which was great. It was relaxing to be in a new place and just bum around a bit. We visited with Caitlin and Andy, explored some of their favorite spots, and even went to see Zoolander 2 (which was, sadly, disappointing – sorry Ben Stiller.)

I also had some fun taking photos at a few of the places we saw. We visited Holmes Lake – which was beautiful and picturesque. The lake was frozen over and we ventured out onto the ice. I’ve never walked on a frozen lake before, so that was something new. Caitlin and Andy also took us to see the capitol building and I had fun taking some shots there. The elevator was exceptionally small and we laughed as we crammed 5 adults in there. I was using my macro lens or else I would have tried to get a shot of us smushed inside.

All in all, Nebraska was quite cold and pretty desolate in the winter, but it made for an interesting trip and i am happy to have visited. Plus, I got to know two new friends. So yeah, good trip!

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  1. Love the tone in the pictures! It’s beautiful!

    • Thank you, Julie! It was very cold and pastel looking there. Thanks for taking the time to look at the post. 🙂

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