Happy Birthday, Claire – Portlandia Style!

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{ Nick and Jenna, aka, Nina and Lance, were hands-down the best-dressed of the evening. }

The dream of the 90’s was alive in Queen Anne last week. My dear friend, Claire, celebrated her birthday Portlandia style with a gathering of wonderful friends, delicious food, and libations of course! For those who are not familiar with the sketch comedy series, Portlandia, it is a show on IFC that pokes fun at the many quirks of the folks and culture up here in the Pacific Northwest, namely, those who reside in Portland.

Claire and I have been huge fans of the series since it’s beginning a few years ago, so it was only fitting as a party theme. The classic first episode includes a sketch of two of the main characters, Peter and Nance, as they dine out for dinner. Hilarity ensures as they demand to know the name of the chicken they are about to order, if he was free range, and if they may visit the farm where he was raised.

Anywho, the party guests arrived dressed in their best Portlandia style and fun was had by all. We ate, drank, danced, sang and had a great time. It was a fun night and great celebration for my wonderful friend. Happy Birthday Clara!!

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  1. Looks like fun was had. The decor was great and the cake looked awesome. You did a great job on your party for Claire, I’m sure it was “golden.”

    • Thanks, Ma! Claire, aka Groovy Celebrations, did all the decorations. I made the cake and cupcakes. I will post more photos of the cake soon!

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