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Back in November I had the pleasure of photographing my sis-in-law to be while she got ready for her wedding to my brother, Patrick. I was so happy to be present to share this special experience with her. She was such a beautiful bride, exuding happiness and love the entire time.

This was my first time doing any kind of wedding photography and it was a bit tricky to figure out camera settings and adjust to the environment on the fly. It was much different than the studio lighted food photography with which I have much more experience, and I could tell right away that my learning curve was high for this type of photography. It was challenging, but in a very fun way.

These might not be my best batch of photos, but I am happy with how they turned out!

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Our Trip to Lincoln, Nebraska

{ Holmes Lake, Nebraska was a beautifully scenic location.}

Josh and I visited an old friend of his over the weekend. We went to…wait for it… Lincoln, Nebraska. I was actually looking forward to checking the city out. I enjoy going to new places, they don’t need to be popular or exceptionally exciting. I just enjoy exploring new places. Despite that, I was not surprised when anyone I told where I was going promptly responded with, “Why?” Ha. Come on, people, there’s a big world out there to explore!

We had a pretty low key weekend, which was great. It was relaxing to be in a new place and just bum around a bit. We visited with Caitlin and Andy, explored some of their favorite spots, and even went to see Zoolander 2 (which was, sadly, disappointing – sorry Ben Stiller.)

I also had some fun taking photos at a few of the places we saw. We visited Holmes Lake – which was beautiful and picturesque. The lake was frozen over and we ventured out onto the ice. I’ve never walked on a frozen lake before, so that was something new. Caitlin and Andy also took us to see the capitol building and I had fun taking some shots there. The elevator was exceptionally small and we laughed as we crammed 5 adults in there. I was using my macro lens or else I would have tried to get a shot of us smushed inside.

All in all, Nebraska was quite cold and pretty desolate in the winter, but it made for an interesting trip and i am happy to have visited. Plus, I got to know two new friends. So yeah, good trip!

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Kerry Park at Sunrise

Last week I woke up early for no reason in particular. I noticed that the sun had not yet risen, so I quickly Googled sunrise time and aha! – I had about 20 minutes until the sun would show it’s face. Josh was still passed out beside me and try as I might, my goading was not met with anticipation. So alas, with my dear husband too tired to drag himself out of bed, I made a solo dash to Kerry Park in Queen Anne. And boy am I glad I did!

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Happy Birthday, Claire – Portlandia Style!

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{ Nick and Jenna, aka, Nina and Lance, were hands-down the best-dressed of the evening. }

The dream of the 90’s was alive in Queen Anne last week. My dear friend, Claire, celebrated her birthday Portlandia style with a gathering of wonderful friends, delicious food, and libations of course! For those who are not familiar with the sketch comedy series, Portlandia, it is a show on IFC that pokes fun at the many quirks of the folks and culture up here in the Pacific Northwest, namely, those who reside in Portland.

Claire and I have been huge fans of the series since it’s beginning a few years ago, so it was only fitting as a party theme. The classic first episode includes a sketch of two of the main characters, Peter and Nance, as they dine out for dinner. Hilarity ensures as they demand to know the name of the chicken they are about to order, if he was free range, and if they may visit the farm where he was raised.

Anywho, the party guests arrived dressed in their best Portlandia style and fun was had by all. We ate, drank, danced, sang and had a great time. It was a fun night and great celebration for my wonderful friend. Happy Birthday Clara!!

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Libby in the Backyard

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During one of our many trips to my in-laws’ home in Bonney Lake, Washington I took the opportunity to take some more photographs of my pup Libby. She always makes a great subject – she’s so shiny and beautiful! I’m not biased or anything… During this visit my little dog looked especially serious for some reason. I think that Lib kept hearing another dog barking, so she was very focused.

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My Mother’s Garden

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{ This plaque encompasses my mother’s passions almost completely. She painted it herself (crafty) and it hangs in her garden (green thumb). How perfect! }

I associate many things with my mother, many of which can be placed into two categories: arts & crafts and horticulture. When my mom isn’t hand-crafting her latest creation, she’s most likely elbow-deep in the soil, tending to her garden, or at least sitting in her backyard sipping a beverage, and admiring the beautiful oasis she has created for herself and our family. As far back as I can remember, my mom has always had a green thumb. Our home always had vases full of beautiful flowers – flowers my mom grew in her garden. Calla lilies, roses, irises, these are the flowers that my mother loves best but her garden is filled with many more…

Back in March I visited Southern California, where I grew up, to spend time with my Nana as she was preparing to leave this world. It was a challenging time for the whole family, myself included. My grandmother was a very strong woman – an outspoken firecracker of a lady and that is probably what I admired most about her. She was spirited, she spoke her mind, and she loved to laugh. Most of the snapshot memories I have of her in my mind include her with a huge, laughing smile across her face. I am her namesake, an honor which I’ve always held dear to my heart. Now more than ever, being named after my grandmother is very special to me – it helps me feel connected to her even though she has passed on to the next life.

Mom & Nana's Violets

{ My mother transplanted some of my Nana’s violets to her own garden. Violets were my Nana’s favorite flower. }

During my visit I spent time in my childhood backyard. This backyard has seen its fair share of changes throughout the years. When I was in high school my mom and dad decided to build a pond. They have always been avid do-it-yourself-ers, so naturally they endeavored to do all the work – digging the giant hole, hauling the dirt away, and sneaking into random abandoned lots to procure a variety of boulders and rocks. I have a distinct memory of pulling up in our red Chevy Silverado at one such lot, my mom jumping out and perusing the various boulders. “That one!” she’d shout to my dad, when she found the perfect rock to add to her pond. My brother, Nick, and I were also in on the action, struggling to lift the largest rocks we could, working as a family to create our beautiful pond.

Gnome & Pond!

{ I didn’t get a great photo of the pond, but here is a little gnome dude swinging above the water near the waterfall. }

The pond project and it’s surrounding garden was a great success. It serves as a beautiful relaxing backdrop to the backyard. A place to getaway when you need some peace of mind. Whenever I visit my childhood home, my mother’s garden is one of my favorite places to spend time, both alone and with my family. My mom’s green thumb is a blessing to our family, and for that I am thankful.

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Marvina’s Bridal Shower

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Back in May my best friend, Claire, threw a bridal shower for her sister, Marvina. Claire did a great job putting a beautiful party together – she was such a wonderful Maid of Honor! The shower theme was Burberry with plenty of decorations to match. Streamers, tissue paper pom poms, table runners, and balloons made lovely decor for the outdoor setting at Gene Coulon Park in Renton, Washington.

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